Construction Paperwork Process

A. Quote

1. Marvin creates and sends quote
a) Use template: Z/Templates&Logos/Stationary/Quote/Construction_Project_Quote.docx
(For short service calls, use Construction Service Call Quote.docx)
b)  Immediately do a SAVE AS so you don’t overwrite the quote template.
c) File quote in Z:/Quotes/Customer/Location/YYMMDDQT_C_PROJECT NAME
d) Convert quote to PDF
e) Send quote to customer

2. Customer decides to move forward on quote

3. Marvin notifies team


1. Hamilton has Stacy:
a) Open a job in GP
b) Create and supply a deposit invoice
c) Provide the job number for the contract
d) Open a digital job file under Z:/Service_Construction/Job Lists/Construction/Customer/Location
e) Create a hard job file or binder, as applicable

2. Marvin creates and sends contract and deposit invoice.
a) Build contract using template at Z/Templates&Logos/Contracts/Construction_Project_Quote.pdf.
b) Print, sign and scan the contract and quote into one document and name it YYMMDD_CTR_PROJECT NAME.
c) Store the contract in the folder Stacy created above under B.1)d)
d) Send contract and deposit invoice to customer.
e) *Nothing is ordered until the contract is returned with signature and deposit is received.

3. Marvin ensures contract and deposit cheque are received back and notifies team to begin.

4. Marvin ensures signed contract is stored in the folder Stacy created above under B.1)d) Name as per contract naming and add _SIGNED at the end of the file name.

5. Project begins. Hamilton:
a) Creates schedule
b) Orders material
c) Notifies Stacy regarding opening of subjobs
d) Schedules crew

C. Change Orders

1. Hamilton processes a change order for every change requested
a) Use the template under Z/Templates & Logos/Contracts/ConstructionChangeOrder.pdf.
b) Save the file as YYMMDD_CO1/2/3etc_DESCRIPTION
c) Place the file in the folder Stacy created above under B.1)d)
d) Complete the change order. At the top, title it by using the main job number followed by -1, -2, etc. for the number of the change order.