Someone’s called for Diversco Product!


Whenever we get calls for propane parts (or other Diversco items), this is Diversco’s market.
Please say, “Our sister company carries propane parts – let me put you through to them.”
Diversco has asked us to transfer the calls direct to them:

  • In MB: Hit the Transfer Icon on your phone then 9 then their 1-800 number: TRANSFER/9-1-800-661-9955. Then hang up.
  • In SK: Hit the Transfer Icon, select a free line, then dial 1-800-661-9955.

This will send them right to Diversco and make it simple and a good experience for the customer.

They’re a very diverse company with several product lines. They sell the following categories:
1.  Propane & Natural Gas Equipment (from pig tanks to propane stoves and BBQs)
2. Marine and Watersports (including paddleboards, floating docks, water skis)
3. Scuba (including wetsuits, cylinders and masks)
4. Compressed Gas (including fittings, hoses, manifolds)
5. NH3 Equipment (that’s us…)
6. Transportation (you’ve likely seen their delivery trucks come through)
7.  Packaging (specialty corrugate, plastic, steel and other packaging products)

For more about who they are: