1. Each commercial vehicle has two credit cards that must stay in the vehicle. Drivers have PINs. When a driver changes vehicles, he/she can still use their own PIN, which will work with every card – at any location. This is important to use only the vehicle card for the vehicle and equipment cards for buying gas for welders, etc. Cards can only be used to purchase fuel, nothing else.
  2. Lead Hands and Service Technicians are to mark all receipts that come in for commercial vehicles and equipment: a. DA1, DS2, etc for the vehicle name b. “Welder fuel”, etc for equipment purchases.
  3. The technicians hand in the receipts at each return trip to the administrator.
  4. The administrator confirms the receipts have the required info written on them. If not, collect it and retrain the drivers.
  5. Put the receipts into an envelope marked FUEL RECEIPTS. Don’t put these on an expense report.
  6. Send the envelope of receipts over to Winnipeg in the mailbag.
  7. Once they arrive here, Admin will reconcile them against the statement and be in touch if anything’s missing.
  8. The Safety Administrator handles fleet maintenance and will then provide to Accounting a reconciled statement and the receipts to process.