A.    Contract - Salesperson

1. Salesperson will complete contract with all details and have customer sign it.
2. Administrator will have to open a job in GP for the salesperson to complete the contract – job # is contract #.
3. Provide the contract to the local administrator to open a job folder and file the signed contract under Job Lists on the Z drive.

B.    Inventory Item – Tammy, Mike & Garry

1. If it is tank to be built… Once the tank is completed being built, let Tammy know.
2. Mike Pruden will create a part number for the tank (e.g., 8100TANK4).
3. All service jobs that contributed to the tank build will be moved into that part number.
4. Mike to record the serial number to the item inventory.
5. Tammy to record all costing information.

C.    Invoice and Tracking - Administrator

1. Create a service call.

  • For description, type what it is, that it is a rental and for what location (e.g. #4 – 8100 RENTAL HOEY tells us that it’s our     4th 8100 being rented out to Hoey.)
  • For call type, choose RENTAL.
  • For estimated billing amount, enter the amount we are billing for the rental according to the contract.
  • For division, choose distribution for whichever pertinent location.
  • For completion date, enter the contract start date/pickup date.

2. Add a note to the service call saying “Rental period: YYMMDD to YYMMDD.” If customer has an option to buy, comment that “Customer has option to buy. See contract in job file.”
3. Click INVOICE on the right of the service call.
4. If required, change the “Bill to” customer immediately now, the first time you open the invoice screen to save extra steps in the future.
5. Change the Master Tax Schedule to the correct tax code for the province.
6. Click on Description and enter what is being rented, as per the contract:


7. Use part #: deposit to enter the correct deposit amount and then post.
8. Print the invoice as a QUOTED CALL. Provide to salesperson to send along with completed contract for signature and payment.
9. Close the call and send a copy of the deposit invoice to Garry, James & Tammy so they can make the proper accounting entries and follow up accordingly.
10. Re-open the initial service call for completion of the rental process.
11. Repeat previous steps 3 thru 6 once rental unit is ready for pickup.
12. Provide Mike Pruden with the inventory item to transfer the inventory to the RENTAL WAREHOUSE in inventory, where it will live until it is sold. (In the example above, 8100TANK4).
13. Close the call. Notify Tammy and Garry.
14. Garry will apply costs to the division and reduce the inventory asset by that same amount. 


15. Reopen the rental service call.

  • Change completion date to the date the contract ends and customer must decide.
  • Change estimated value to read “Option to Buy.”
  • After Garry has reduced the inventory cost on the item: Click Inventory on the bottom right and add the inventory item to the sales order so it shows as allocated in the rental warehouse. Click Fulfill. DO NOT POST. This must stay in inventory, not WIP.
  • Keep open until completion date and customer decision is made.

16. If customer exercises option to buy from rental agreement:

  • Rename the rental service call to say RENTAL & SALE then the tank number (e.g., RENTAL & SALE 8100#4).
  • Confirm the inventory part is on the sales order (e.g. 8100TANK4).
  • Change the billable to the amount agreed to.
  • Close and invoice as per usual. Proper costs and billable will apply.
  • Notify Garry and Tammy as they will allocate costs and revenue to applicable divisions.

17. If customer does not exercise option to buy from rental agreement:

  • Unfulfill the item and delete the sales order on the service call, returning the part number to the rental warehouse.
  • Add a note on the rental job that the customer did not exercise the option to buy.
  • Close the rental job.