Joining the Plan
Once you’ve been with us for a year, you’re eligible to join our optional retirement savings plan through Great-West Life. After 1 year of permanent full-time employment, we’ll match 1% of gross salary if you contribute 1%. After 2 years, it’s 2%. After 3 years, it’s 3%. There is a 2-year vesting period - which means that if you need to be in the plan for 2 years to be able to keep DyTerra’s match. You will always keep your contribution, but if you leave DyTerra before the 2-year mark of being in the plan, you'll lose DyTerra’s match - so stick around. :)

We’ll provide the forms and booklet when you’re eligible. If you need a new booklet or signup form, please contact Tammy or click here to view an electronic copy.

Full details of this benefit can be found on page 17 of the Employee Handbook.

Accessing Your Portfolio
Great-West Life has a great website for you to access your portfolio, check the status of your investments, make changes or print tax receipts. Click here for details on the site, how to sign up, and how it works.

GWL website:
Phone: 1-800-724-3402
Plan ID: 65902