Service Workflow Process


1.    New Job
a) Karie, Randy or Marlin completes the service form and provides it to Lauren/Karie.
b) Karie/Lauren opens job, creates hard job file, prints barcode labels and marks parts allocation clipboard sheet for master parts list in warehouse. This is done right after the request is received so parts can be allocated.
c) Karie/Lauren places job file in wall rack, creates and posts barcode label in warehouse and posts master parts allocation list in warehouse for ongoing parts.
d) If R-Stamp job, Karie/Lauren sends screenshot of the service call, a scan of the NDE and the welder’s name to Stacy & Joaquin. She places before and after grinding photos and a picture of the data plate in the Pictures/R-Stamp folder. (See QC Admin Support Process.)

2. Planning /Staging Parts to Job
a) If we know any parts that will be needed, go to c). If not, go to b).
b) Randy or designee does visual inspection of unit, determines what’s needed and quotes customer.
c) Using the Parts Allocation Sheet, Randy or designee drafts a list of primary parts AND part numbers for all parts needed for the job and provides it to Karie/Lauren. Randy or designee also writes on the form the date the parts are needed. (Verbal or post-it note requests are not accepted so we can determine what’s happening with incorrect parts.)
d) Karie/Lauren/Jeremy enters the parts onto the job same day

  • Service Order - Karie/Lauren/Jeremy prints a picking ticket and packing slip and provides it to Kody to pick the parts and stage them.
  • Purchase Order - Karie/Lauren creates Purchase Order through Service Call. She gives a copy of the PO to Kody receive. Kody has Randy review accuracy of items then receives and stages the items.
  • Kody stages the job in the designated staging area, marking the job number and labeling parts. He puts the packing slip with the order, initialing all items signed out.
  • Kody writes the MTR on the pick ticket and places the pick ticket in the invoice box, commenting that it’s a service job so Lauren/Karie knows how to handle it.
  • Lauren reviews the pick ticket and prints and places the picking ticket and the MTRs in the job folder. She also scans the MTRs to the Z drive.
  • Lauren/Karie posts the invoice. If purchased on a Purchase Order & received in GP, job number & receiving number is recorded on vendor packing slip, copy put into job folder, original placed in WPG mailbag folder.

[NOTE: If something delays or changes in jobs and Randy needs the parts before they have been entered, Kody must collect the sheet prior to picking the parts so they are not double entered on the job.

e) Service collects staged parts, Randy or designee confirming all correct parts before moving them to the shop. If service only takes a few items, they must initial and date the packing slip beside items that they received. Whatever is wrong needs to be determined and flagged immediately by Service to Kody for it to be remedied right then.


Inventoried Items - Returned with the scanners and Kody confirming stock is accurate to do so. If items being returned is a large number, service puts them into the shopping cart in the warehouse and records all parts and part numbers on the allocation sheet. Jeremy and Kody work together to review and confirm parts and quantities before processing a return.  
Non-Inventoried Items (Purchase Order) – Karie/Lauren completes return to vendor process and confirming stock is accurate to do so , see ‘Returning items from a service call(services items)’ Z:\INTERNAL OPERATIONS\PROCESS AND PROCEDURES

3. Purchase Orders
a) Karie, Randy or Marlin fills out Service PO Request Form and gives to below;

  • Subcontractors – Karie/Lauren creates POs and receives and posts all to jobs once cost is approved by Randy.
  • Non Inventoried/ Special order Items - Karie/Lauren creates POs, give copy of PO to Kody, and posts all to jobs once Kody has received them.

4. On The Fly Parts – “Job In Process” Parts Requests
a) While on the job, if service needs additional parts, they request them from Kody. Service Personnel & Kody add items with part numbers to the Master Parts allocation Sheet posted in warehouse, Kody scans them out right then, marks ‘S + Initial’ for scanned on allocation sheet, and provides part to service.
b) If Shipper/Receiver is not around, back-up scanner personnel- Jeremy, Lauren, Karie. Nothing leaves without being scanned; scanning must take place before part leaves warehouse.
c) If something needs to be back ordered while picking on the fly, the parts are written on allocation sheet and provided to Karie/Lauren/Jeremy to enter to the job as an order with an ETA marked on sheet. Karie/Lauren/Jeremy returns Master Allocation Sheet and hangs it in warehouse.
d) If items need to be returned, see section 3.

5. On Road Parts
a) When on the road, the service tech keeps a detailed list of all parts (including part numbers) used and when job is done, immediately provides to Karie/Lauren (scan, email or fax).
b) Karie/Lauren adds the parts to the job same day from the trailer warehouse. This rapid entry is crucial for accurate inventory. Karie/Lauren then fulfills and posts to the job immediately.
c) Jeremy runs a smartlist every two weeks and Kody and a Service Technician reconcile the trailer to catch any items out right away.

6. Inspections & Other Paperwork
a) Service Tech completes inspection and other forms on the road and sign them.
b) Once back, Service Tech provides to Karie/Randy to review. This happens weekly, at a minimum.
c) Karie/Randy reviews and provides inspection forms to Lauren.
d) Lauren scans to Z drive, original goes in hard file and copy will go to the customer.

7. Timesheets
a) Service Techs give timesheets to Karie to review daily.
b) Karie notes any missing information and trains guys on what to do going forward to ensure timesheets are accurate and legible from the start.
c) Karie reviews timesheets and any OT or issues are brought to Randy’s attention, Lauren enters at least twice weekly. NOTE: Lauren should not be making corrections –see letter b.

8. Regular Job Review
a) Karie/Lauren prints the Open Service Calls smartlist every week and reviews with Randy and also updates the file in Z/Administration/Invoice Status.
b) Karie/Randy takes printed list to weekly branch meeting and provides updates on all open projects and flags any issues.
c) Karie/Lauren drafts invoices as they are ready and provides draft, cost audit and time report to Randy to sign off on. Always review the profit margin!
d) If Parts are incorrect, see section 3. Then Karie/Lauren to re-draft.

9. Final Paperwork
a) Karie/Randy adds description to draft invoice of parts and returns to Karie/Lauren.
b) Karie/Lauren confirms time, expenses and subs have been added to the job.
c) Karie/Lauren creates final invoice for Randy to sign off, places one copy in the hard folders and stamps one invoice COPY and places it in the folder.
d) Lauren emails customer the invoice and all reports same day and files hard copy according to retention guideline


  • Invoices are drafted while the unit is here
  • Jobs are invoiced out within a week of being completed.
  • Parts are correct on jobs.
  • Parts are transferred from trailer to the service call in GP as soon as work is completed.


  • Karie to audit weekly to ensure process is being followed for the next couple months.
  • Master Parts Allocation Sheet is a running total of ALL parts transactions on the job.
  • All parts transactions must be posted immediately. (Only exception is Back Orders)
  • Transfers to and from the Trailer warehouse - record must be kept on Master Allocation sheet as well.
  • Items are employees’ responsibility to ensure they are completed as per the process but can be delegated to another employee for completion. (example- Lauren is busy and delegates to Karie to complete task, Lauren follows up to ensure Karie completes correctly)